A monthly commitment and one of the most important payments anyone can make, rent and utilities. Remember the days when we had to chase our property owners or vice versa? The multiple calls, emails and stressful end of month’s everytime rent was due? Missing a payment had consequences forcing us to go mayhem just to ensure no-one gets evicted or has a late rent payment history, a clean slate is every tenants dream, and unfortunately some may have negative references due to paying rent late, even though sometimes it’s inevitable due to multiple factors leading to a chaotic daily routine.

Hello 2018! The dilemma of what we mentioned earlier is gone, thanks to online payment platforms that came as a blessing into our lives! Not only for rent, but for multiple other payments. These days, you can easily pay any bill, leisure ticket, or even groceries through a few clicks on your phone. How comforting does that sound?  The new era comes with a lot of positive vibes, however safety is a prime concern when using online technologies, especially with a recurring payment like rent and utility bills. Let us tell you why you should trust and prefer to pay rent online.


1. Saves time

Have you noticed how bank queues never get shorter? The time spent waiting to issue a cheque or deposit the rent into your landlord’s account is time wasted. We also tend to get busy and forget to run errands, and rent is a very important matter that should not be delayed. Rent payment solutions allows you to easily schedule and pay recurring payments, simplifying your life and reducing the time-consuming task, and the most value is you can do it anytime and anywhere.

2. Automation

We all use calendars for reminders on daily tasks, and sometimes forget the bigger errands that could come with consequences when forgotten, for example, rent. Online rent payment tools offer notifications and reminders when rent is due, keeping you always informed and never late for an installment or payment. You can easily track all paid bills and rent in an online portal dedicated for tenants, available all the time.

3. Safe

Online rent payment is considered one of the most secure options; tenants are never worried to lose cheques or money while paying rent, and landlords ensure safely collecting rent right to their bank accounts, verified and reducing possibilities of fraud. With technology streamlining the process, fewer mistakes are made due to every transaction being documented, reducing the chance of disputes  between you and your landlord.

4. Rewarding

Not only do rent payment softwares save time, reduce cost, and make your lives easier, many  platforms like Ajar Online take a further step and reward you. Such programs creates loyalty and gives tenants a rewarding reason to pay their rent online at their own comfort, and benefit from multiple discounts, prizes, and more.

If you are a busy person and want a quick, simple and safe solution to pay rent and bills, an online solution is the best choice for you.  Living in the Middle East? Ajar Online is ready to serve you. Drop us an email and our customer service staff will get back to you in to time.

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