We are proud to announce the new design of the property management dashboard. Managing your properties and tenants is now easier than ever with Ajar. We have been working hard to create a user-friendly platform for property managers and landlords. The dashboard got a whole new, cleaner, sleeker look. View all the essential information and how your properties are doing each month. Find out what’s new with the release:

Payers Tab

You can now view each lease separately or all together.

Bulk actions

Whether you want to block, unblock tenants or void invoices, you now have the option to do it all in one step.

Create new
Add properties, units or leases straight from your dashboard. You can also create new invoices, requests, and messages.
Payment tracking bar

Track the status of invoices, number of notifications, and payments.

Enhanced maintenance tracking, view the status and duration of your tickets.


You can now start conversations with your tenants and keep track of all your messages.

Experience your dashboard like never before.

Get to know your new dashboard and we’re here to guide you through any questions.

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