ِAjar, the most trusted property management software in Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain seeks to develop the real estate sector, in terms of employing fintech solutions and providing perfect customer service all the time. After launching its operations in Bahrain, Ajar continues to develop by providing the latest fintech services, which is BenefitPay , the national electronic wallet payment system, which we will learn about in detail in the following article.

What is BenefitPay Bahrain?

Aiming to automate its property management and rent collection system, Ajar is harnessing Fintech to provide easier and safer rent payment and collection methods for tenants, landlords, property managers and real estate companies. As a step to keep pace with this development in Bahrain, tenants and property owners who are registered on Ajar property management software can use the BenefitPay program, so what is this program?

BenefitPay allows payments to be made digitally without the use of cash or cards. Through this method of payment, transactions can be sent or received quickly just by using the BenefitPay App on smartphones. It’s a safe, secure as well as a very convenient mode of payment for both the tenants and landlords. With the introduction of new services, BenefitPay plays a major part in setting Bahrain as a regional FinTech hub. This easy and fast mode of payment enhances operation and supports cost optimization thereby empowering many businesses.

How can tenants pay through BenefitPay ?

Tenants who are registered on the Ajar can pay the due rent on time through BenefitPay easily and securely, at any time or place, through the following steps:

  • Download the BenefitPay application on smartphones, and create an account that includes the required bank information.
  • After receiving the payment link from Ajar via SMS, e-mail, or WhatsApp
  • Choose (BenefitPay) as an option
  • Take a screenshot for the QR generated from Ajar, and enter the data required to complete the payments securely and quickly.

How can property owners benefit from ِAjar services?

Before Ajar’s property management and rent collection solutions, there was a lot of manual work that caused anxiety for landlords property managers and real estate companies, such as reminding tenants of due rent payment dates, or tracking payments and settlement, but with Ajar, things became much easier and faster, as landlords and managers can safely storing property contracts, invoices, and related documents. Also, they can stay on top of contract and rent collection dates, and collect rent in a safe, secure, timely anytime, anywhere


All landlords, property managers and real estate managers who are using Ajar Bahrain services can use any smartphone or tablet available to install the BenefitPay app and start accepting payments.


That concludes our article about the BenefitPay payment service available at Ajar Bahrain and how to benefit from it! We also advise you to read our article on What is Fintech? which mainly aims to automate financial transactions in all economic sectors. Also do not forget to have a look at the article about Ajar/Visa partnership, which provides easy, fast and secure services in property management and rent collection.

Stay tuned for more interesting topics in the Ajar blog, as we will highlight in our upcoming articles about How Ajar is applying Fintech to provide better services, in order to become the technological infrastructure necessary for the growth of real estate sector.

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