There are many traditional methods of collecting rent that require a lot of time and effort. Have you ever wondered whether you can collect your property rent through a visa card? In Ajar, we provide you with all easy, fast and secure solutions to collect your property rents from anywhere, at any time.

About Ajar and Visa Partnership

Ajar, the most trusted software for property management and rent collection in Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain has announced its strategic partnership with Visa the world’s leader in digital payments, to enable tenants to pay easily and securely, without the need for traditional means that require Lots of time and effort. As a result of this partnership, tenants and landlords will benefit from various additional benefits and services from Visa through Ajar.

The Benefits of Ajar and Visa Partnership

Mohammad Al Munaikh, CEO of Ajar, commented: “We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Visa. At Ajar, we aim to revolutionize the region’s property market through digitalization, reducing losses by maximizing efficiency. This new partnership enables us to harness Visa’s extensive expertise to create a safe and user-friendly platform that will forever change the way our customers manage their businesses.”

For Property Owners

Through this partnership, all individual landlords, property owners and real estate companies who are registered on “Ajar” platform will benefit from various advantages, such as: collecting rents instantly, from anywhere in the world, with the possibility of real time payments tracking, which reduces the risk of bounced cheques and reserve fees. This efficient paperless system is both more environmentally sustainable and lowers print overheads, with a secure archiving system for e-receipts to keep track of payments, also it replaces the traditional outdated system of cash and cheques with a convenient credit card transaction.

For Tenants

This cooperation between Ajar and Visa will provide the best services that facilitate the transactions of tenants registered on Ajar. An easy and convenient online rent payment system will be available, secured through Visa’s coding solutions.

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